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Golfers Against Cancer

Golfers Against Cancer (GAC) is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer charitable organization started by members of the Deerwood Club in Kingwood, TX in 1997. GAC raises money by conducting golf tournaments, chili cook-offs and hosting dinners. Proceeds from these events are used to fund research seeking cures to various cancers.

Our Mission Against Cancer
The Mission of Golfer's Against Cancer is to raise money for cancer research and to honor friends and families battling all forms of cancer. In 1997, GAC’s first fundraising golf tournament generated $80,000. All of the expenses were paid for by two families. Underwriting of event expenses continues as a GAC core belief, maximizing the percentage of contributions that go directly to cancer research. Through the years, GAC has been instrumental in raising $27 million for cancer research through a combination of charitable contributions and matching funds. GAC has funded over 100 specific research projects at leading institutions around the nation focusing on cures for a wide range of cancers. For more information on Walden's Golfers Against Cancer Tournament click on the sub-tabs under 'GOLFERS AGAINST CANCER' on the upper right-hand side of this page. For more information on the National Golfers Against Cancer Chapter, please visit